Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Watered Sprout

I started The Watered Sprout blog as a result of many hours of research and trying to learn how to deal with chronic anxiety, panic attacks, and being diagnosed with PTSD. On September 10th 2009 I received a phone call informing me that my soon to be fiancé had been killed in action while serving his first tour in Afghanistan. The rollercoaster of pain and emotions since that moment have been more difficult than I could possibly begin to express into words; though I will try my best to share my heart through this blog. In the following months, after losing Tyler, I also had to learn to deal with hurtful relationships and various trials that came my way. Little did I know that during all this emotional pain, my body had begun a treacherous journey headed straight toward a pit of anxiety and mild depression.

I have always preferred taking a organic and homeopathic approach to healing my body, so it was naturally my first line of defense as my body became run down and weary, as a result of the anxiety and going through grieving. I was unaware of any issues until I was taken completely by surprise one day when I suddenly became short of breath, with shaky hands, and felt as though I was going to faint while I was running an errand. I remember the wave of panic as I quickly left everything in the store and hurried out to my car. I had no idea what was happening, or why it had come on so sudden. After a few more “episodes”, and trying to figure things out on my own, I was desperate for answers and made an appointment with a doctor. They ran every test under the sun for the symptoms I was experiencing, and then promptly told me that I had anxiety and most definitely post traumatic stress; as a result of the loss I had gone through almost a year earlier. After I was adamant that I didn’t want any addictive or strong drugs, I was given two prescriptions to help me sleep and slightly knock the edge off that panic attacks for a short time. I walked away from the doctor office that day completely discouraged and overwhelmed that I had just gone through the time and money (without having insurance), just to find out that ugly culprit of my "normal" days was anxiety and PTSD. I was of course happy to hear it wasn’t something more serious that was wrong, but I was overwhelmed just the same.

Since that appointment, in September 2010, I have continued to battle the ugly dragon of anxiety. After taking the prescriptions for 6 months, and not feeling much of result, I decided to wean myself off of them and rely on natural remedies. The Watered Sprout is all about my journey to restore my body, as well as my heart and soul, through eating raw foods, juicing, using homeopathic remedies, pouring encouragement into my thoughts, working out, and clinging to my faith.

Through the past year I have spent countless hours on-line searching for any advice I could get on dealing with loss and anxiety. I have searched for the perfect relaxing yoga workout, or music, to help me breath; as well as quotes and scripture that would encourage my broken heart. I have also hidden my nose in countless 'uncookbooks' looking for organic and raw recipes that could help restore balance and health to my body. As I have invested all this time I have so wished that there could be one place where I could find all the information I have been desperate to find. The Watered Sprout Blog is my attempt to put all of my gathered information together as a gift for you :o). If you are desperate to tend to that little sprout of hope in your heart, that is aching to be watered with encouragement, then this is for you!

My desire is that this blog is a place where you can find all the 'sunshine' and 'water' (encouragement, workouts, recipes, quotes, and more) that your heart's little 'sprout' of hope needs!

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