Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Season to Laugh and A Season to Cry . . . and then a season to happy cry.

Well friends, it has been about a whole season since I have written and I thought it was definitely time to start typing and sharing again. Since my last entry I have had quite a few things happen in my life. Back in September I had a super scary health "episode" sneek up on me and almost convince me to call the trusty ambulance. As many of you know, I have been battling what doctors are labeling as "panic attacks" for about 2 years now. As I shared in previous posts I had found some natural supplements, as well as nutrition advice, that had helped me stop the panic attacks all together. I had a blissful handful of months where I finally felt like a little bird that had been set free and was no longer caged in fear of another "panic session" wreaking havock on my body. As the months went by I continued to maintain my supplement and nutrition plan. However, about 4 months ago, on a random morning, my body completely started shutting down and acting like it was just simply giving up the fight. After hours of being curled up in a ball and unable to stand, due to low blood pressure type symptoms and many other issues, everything finally passed. My mom came to my rescue, as moms always do, after her two hour drive to get to me; and by the time she arrived I was feeling like my body was trying to return to normal slowly but surely. Ofcourse this whole time I was mentally battling massive amounts of fear, which only made some symptoms worse. . . as fear always does!

I was blessed to have my youngest sis stay with me for a few days, to keep an eye on me and play nurse :0). I seemed to feel tolerable the next few days and weeks but then it happened again. After 4 months, more holistic Dr visits, tests, and even more money, no one still has a clue what's going on and exactly what to do. The biggest conclusion is that I am anemic/ blood deficient. So, I have been eating red meat like its the end of the world and seeing a acupuncturist every week the past 2 months. I have to say that my fear of these attacks definitely trumped my long lived fear of needles. Haha.

All in all I do believe everything I have been doing has been helping in its own little way. I still have little waves of "oh no, is it happening again?" but so far it's been a lot tamer and nothing close to the intensity of the first experience.

I didn't write and share about all of this for a while because I have been concerned that I would sound like "Debbie Downer", but I do want to continue to be open and honest about my journey and what I find out along the way :0).

The Fall season this year was extremely challenging for me and definitely caused many tears to leak and fears to rise, but it's a new season now and even though its cold and seams dead outside it is a season of hope, laughter, and love.

In my last post I shared a little about the amazing man thats in my life now and what a blessing his friendship, patients, and love has been the past 3 years. On December 10th he asked me, under a full moonlit sky, to be his girl forever. . . a new season bloomed in my heart and in the world around me that very moment.

We are only just 3 weeks engaged and currently in the middle of joyious wedding planning mayhem, haha; because the military is sending us to a post in Germany the second week of February. So, we have a total of 4 weeks left before our big day, and then we are on our way to a honeymoon in Paris and two years of newlywed adventure in Germany.

The seasons of your life change so fast, and you never know what is just around the corner on the path ahead of you. All I know is that each season is new and makes up the story of my life. Even though I haven't understood a lot of the "seasons" in my life that have past, I can see more clearly now why they were so important and how they played a part in causing Daniel's and my friendship to blossom into everlasting love...even in the middle of a moonlit winter night.



  1. Meg, I (recently) dealt with acute anemia and had hoped that just eating lots of red meat and green leafy veggies would do the trick. Unfortunately at the time I was pregnant and my anemia wasn't improving enough to maintain the pregnancy and I was in danger of miscarrying or of doing acute damage to the baby. My doctor recommended a form of treatment that might be helpful to you. It's where they take a liquid form of iron (if you have iron deficiency anemia) and put it in an IV. Many times your digestive system can be the problem and isn't accepting or processing enough of the iron in the red meat or veggies that you're eating. By using the venefer treatment (venefer is the name for the IV iron) they can take the same iron that you are ingesting when eating and bypass your digestive system and put it directly into your blood stream. It takes a few weeks to see a change but it can definitely help and help a lot faster than other options including iron supplements (I still took organic iron supplements while on the venefer treatment). The treatment can also help your body start to accept and process the iron that you are taking/eating. In my case they had to do a multi unit transfusion to jump start my system to ensure that they wouldn't lose me or the baby. Will be praying for upcoming moves. I know how difficult they are. We are moving from Camp Lejeune to the Marine Corps Base in Hawaii shortly. Many Blessings for the New Year.

    ~Rebecca and Family~

  2. I am so happy our little bird is starting to fly again... Love you to the moon and back sweet girl!

    your cousin Vicki :)