Friday, March 23, 2012

A Real Page Turner

It is my most favorite of all out there and it speaks to me like no other can. It is the best dressed in the group and always wears the most dreamy "jacket". It treats me with respect and always knows just what I need to hear. I used to dabble in some of the other 'crafty' ones, but recently it has won my heart. 

Okay, all kidding aside, this is a really super wonderful magazine that is just full of great advise when it comes to homemaking, organizing, decorating, travel, clean eating/detox ideas, and even encouraging Bible verses. . . yes. I said it- Bible verses. The magazine 'life:Beautiful' is like a Christian version of all of Martha Stewart's best magazine issues put together. It is a best friend in the form of a magazine.

I originally discovered the magazine this past Christmas and knew right then that a subscription would be the perfect gift for my mom. It's turned out that she loved it so much I decided to give it as a gift for my sis, and now finally I am ordering a subscription for myself. One of the things we all love about this magazine is that not only does it include so many ideas, but it also has a Bible study guide and is full of amazing photography. The pages are also always brimming with great recipes that I swear you can smell when you turn the page. 

As an Army wife, I can guarantee that this little magazine is going to be keeping me lots of company on lonely nights and will do a great job of filling my head with positive and encouraging thought.

So when all those other magazines out there start yelling for you to pick them from the stands, just remember to stay strong and pick the one that will truly fill your life with some beautiful :o).

'Night xox,

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