Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dark Temptation . . . for the Taste Buds

I have been CRAVING dark chocolate all evening and I finally found the perfect little treat in my cabinet for my taste buds. The greatest part is that it also helped out my hard work'n muscles :o).

I found this little packet of organic dark chocolate whey at my favorite local organic grocery store, and I will definitely be stocking up on more for my late night chocolate cravings.

I mixed the powder with 4 oz of unsweetened coconut milk and 4 oz of water. Next time I am going to try making a shake with ice and natural peanut butter in the blender :o).


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  1. Thank you SO much for this recipe. We're going to try it with our daughter's meds. It sounds like this will mask the taste of her medication and at the same time give her the nutrition she needs. We're a military family and we recently adopted a little girl from Russia who has multiple complicated special needs, was acutely malnourished, VERY underweight, had very bad nutrition in Russia and more. I love your blog. It has so much information that I've been looking for to help our daughter. She's also dealing with a lot of other issues from her past including PTSD from previous abuse and loss (she lost her entire family and was then separated from her two brothers who were adopted by another family in Italy). Reading how you've handled these issues yourself will really help me to help our daughter. I felt such a loss when we brought her home. I didn't know how to help her grieve, deal with the anger, the breakdowns, meltdowns, nervous breakdowns etc. She's come so far, but this will really help me.