Thursday, May 17, 2012

Minty Fresh Lemonade with Manuka Honey

Yay! I'm finally able to sit down for a little spell and tell you about the tasty fresh lemonade I made last week and how the moving into our apartment is going! I have managed to reduce the pile of boxes down to just a few that contain clothes and shoes. After maaaany trips to Ikea down the street, we finally decided on two adorable gray 'his' and 'hers' armours for the bedroom. So hopefully those boxes will disappear soon too! It's been quite a challenge to come up with creative storage options for the apartment since Germany isn't big on building closets in their homes. Yesterday we picked up a cute white shelf for the bathroom, which I am very proud that I managed to put together on my own this morning (with only picture directions), and it is now in the bathroom waiting to be super useful :). I will share pictures of that accomplishment in my next post!

While I was unpacking last week....

...I decided I needed a little break, so I stopped to make some tasty mint lemonade with the lemons and mint I had purchased from the local market, and sweetened it with Manuka honey that my mother-in-law sent us from New Zealand. I pretty much threw everything together until it tasted perfecto and viola- mint lemonade in a mason jar!

For those of you who might feel a little more comforted by having a 'recipe':
1. juice about 5-6 lemons
2. chop about a half cup of fresh mint leaves
3. add 3-4 tablespoons of Manuka honey (melt first)
4. shake up and let sit in fridge overnight for a more minty flavor
5. Strain with a cheese cloth the next day and- enjoy!
*I used less honey and added a little bit of truvia to sweeten naturally without the calories. 

(Be sure to click on the Manuka link above to find out what all this special honey has in it and can do for your health!)

 (ingredients-= simple)

(a touch of pretty lemon to top it off)

(and of course I needed a little slice of poppy seed cheesecake, which we had picked up at the market the day before, to go along with my refreshing homemade beverage :).

Love, Meg

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