Sunday, April 3, 2011

Upon the Salty Waves

The sun rays tickle my skin as I feel the long awaited warmth trickle through my skin and into my heart. The storm and sea monsters have raged for so long that I have felt my heart being tossed upon the salty waves of my tears, as though it were driftwood from a long lost ship. I close my eyes and feel the warm wind dance around me and paint a smile on my face. The monsters of the sea will rage again, but in this moment I am the sun’s captivated audience. It’s beaming warmth is the very life and hope in my lungs, and I lose myself in the rhythm of the calmed sea. Though the monsters are looming in the sea beneath and there are storms yet ahead, they are not here in this moment. I will embrace this day as a gift from heaven and let these glorious rays dry my cheeks and the decks of my ship, for I will continue to sail my course and keep my eyes on the horizon…for I am destined for Zion. There is no raging storm or sea monster powerful enough to command this sea to swallow my heart’s ship.

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