Saturday, August 20, 2011

Shaken or Stirred (Juice Recipe)

Now that I've decided to start training for a fitness competition next year, I am being extra careful to make sure that my nutrition is well rounded with lots of organic/wild protein and raw veggies. I've been really mindful of what I eat for the past year and don't eat many breads or sweets, so the only big difference this far is trying to get enough protein in my diet. I tend to gravitate more toward vegetarian dishes, but I have really enjoyed eating more wild salmon, tilapia, and bison meat.

Even though I haven't had to cut a lot of sweets and carbs out of my diet, because I don't eat them in the first place, I do have to be mindful of what I'm drinking on the occasional weekend when I'm hanging out with friends. Even though a glass or two of wine or a Guinness may not be a huge problem now, it will be a problem as I start to get closer to my competition date.

So, instead of sipping on an empty calorie, high sugar/high carb alcoholic drink, I will be enjoying a freshly juiced virgin cocktail at home.

Try my most recent virgin green martini...serve shaken or chilled and stirred :o).


1/2 Cucumber
1 or 1/2 an apple
1 celery stalk
Half of lemon
Small handful of parsley

Place lemon and parsley in between cut pieces of apple, or cucumber, to ensure the lemon and parsley are pushed all the way through your juicer. Place the juice in a container that allows you to fill with juice to the top (this eliminates any air inside the container/jar from oxygenating the juice and causing it to lose nutrients) and chill for 30 minutes before drinking.

Train Hard and Stay Positive,

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