Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Thrills of the 'Ups and Downs'

The elated screams of roller coaster patrons filled the air and I immediately felt my heart beat faster. Instantly I wonder if I will have to battle my hands becoming shaky and if dizziness would set in. For a year I have felt trapped in my skin and unable to participate in the usual adrenaline pumping activities that I used to enjoy so much. I am an adventure bug at heart and love to challenge myself to do thrilling and daring things. One of my biggest fears, after discovering that I was dealing with chronic anxiety and adrenal issues, has been that I would never again be able to do all the fun things I love.

I started off the day with concerns about what my body would be able to handle, but I was also determined to keep my thoughts positive and pick my rides carefully (haha). And that's exactly what I did. My first ride was with my newly married younger sister and we had an absolute blast screaming at the top of our lungs. At the end of the ride we had to pry our fingers apart from clenching each other's hands so tightly. Haha. When we got off I quickly mentally scanned my body and realized that my hands were only slightly trembling. If I wasn't taking the holistic supplements that I've been taking the past 3 months I can guarantee that I would have been massively trembling from head to toe and fighting to remain consious. It felt so wonderful to feel free of the trappings of anxiety.

I rode 5 rides during the day and even though that's not as many as my family, I was still so pleased that I was able to strap myself inside even one. It was a great day of new ups and downs and I am super excited to be making progress with my anxiety and adrenal problems in a natural way.

Stay Encouraged,

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  1. Ah, I'm so happy for you! One foot in front of the other I always say, or in your case hand-in-hand!

    I never really cared for anything fast that I don’t have control over and that’s even when I was in the Navy doing crazy things. I guess to each is own or whatever the saying is… ;o)