Thursday, April 12, 2012

Feed Your Faith

"Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death."- from Spiritual Inspiration Blog

I found this great photo and quote while I was checking out pinterest. I have only just joined the creative website's bandwagon and I must admit...I'm addicted!!! 

This quote really stuck with me and I am planning on taking my own version of this photo so I can put it on canvas with the quote and hang it in my home. 

I struggle with my fears daily, and they often feel like vines that are trying to choke the life out of me; but I know from experience that the more time you spend reading the Bible the more you will be replacing the fears with God's promises. When my head is full of His promises of unending love, protection and deliverance then there is less room for my fears to grow and overtake me. 

I recently started reading a book by Joyce Meyer called Living Beyond Your Feelings. I have made it half way through in the past 3 days and am excited to share what I am learning about overcoming negative feelings. I highly suggest this book...and make sure you have a trusty highlighter in hand!

Love, Meg

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