Monday, April 23, 2012

Moving Beyond Worry and Anxiety- Joyce Meyer Broadcast

Hi sweet friends!
In a recent post I shared a great quote about dealing with fear, and I told you about Joyce Meyer's book that I am currently reading. My mother has always been a big fan of Joyce Meyer and as a result she has gotten me hooked on her teachings and books. 

The most recent teaching I listened to is called Moving Beyond Worry and Anxiety. The title alone made me get excited to hear what she had to say, haha. A lot of what she talks about is in the book I'm reading, but I found it good to hear her in addition to what I'm reading. It's also nice to see her speaking since her teachings on her website are actual broadcasts instead of just audio clips.

If you need a little pick me up and encouragement to stop being a fellow "worry wort" then pour a spot of tea (or your favorite beverage) and take a listen :o). 

Cheers to staying positive and worry free,

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