Friday, April 6, 2012

Scentsational: Sniff Your Way to Bliss

I recently read about a study of the power that citrus scents have over us. Our sense of smell is a part of our limbic system, and this is what processes memories and emotions. There are billions of perfumes and colones out there with various hints of flowers, herbs, fruits and more. But did you know that studies find that "citrus notes have been found to have an uplifting, antidepressant effect" as mentioned by Karen Gilbert, author of A Green Guide to Natural Beauty? 

My own little sniffer has always been more attracted to perfumes that have a light citrus scent to them, but I never would have guessed that these favorite scents may be helping to spiff up my mood. Maybe our little noses are naturally attracted to what our mind and bodies need sometimes :o). 

My favorite chemical free perfume is Pacifica. They have so many fun combinations to choose from and it makes my skin happy just knowing that I'm not putting harmful toxins on my body. I have been using their California Star Jasmine roll-on for about a year now and I absolutely love it. I actually found out from a gal in my holistic nutrition course last year that Jasmine oil is great for women to connect with their femininity and also helps in when dealing with grief.

In the article I read they gave some great suggestions for healthy beauty products that are citrus scented. They included Pacifica's Tuscan Blood Orange Perfume in their list and I am super excited to try this one now that Spring and Summer are on their way!

So not only is it good to eat lots of oranges, lemons and the like, but don't be afraid to smell like a walking fruit stand while you're at it as well :o). 

Cheers to citrus bliss!

Also, check out my favorite face wash by Avalon Organic- Vitamin C

(This was a fruit stand near the hotel we stayed in for our recent honeymoon in Paris.)

Love, Meg

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