Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nesting Fever

Praise be...after many frustrating set backs, which have added up to two months worth of living in the military hotel, we finally signed for our cute little apartment this morning! Two weeks and counting until move in day. Oh how I can't wait to be surround by the moving day chaos and be buried in brown boxes as they pile to the ceiling! This little birdie is ready to start doing some serious nesting and wedding present opening!

I am most excited about my adorable little kitchen in the apartment and being able to make yummy healthy meals and desserts again. I think I have made just about every healthy'ish' meal that one can make on the two hot pads in our hotel kitchenette. I am sooo looking forward to operating an oven once again and having more than 12 inches of counter space to chop and slice on. It will also be nice to have more than one cabinet again for all my scrumptious Yogi teas and various cooking spices that I've accumulated in the past two months. I have had my share of organizing challenges with the two mini cabinets in the kitchenette. It is no coincidence that IKEA is within walking distance from our new apartment! I will soon be raiding the shelves for handy little organizing gadgets and kitchen ware. Oooh boy, I just can't wait to dig into all those boxes and let the newspaper and bubble wrap fly! What a day it will be!

Stay Tuned, Meg


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