Friday, June 3, 2011

Clinging to Natural Healing

Well, another school year has come to an end and the summer has arrived. Life has felt like quite a whirlwind this month. I said goodbye to my two pre-k classes, my younger sister got married (the first wedding for the 4 of us girls), and then Memorial Day came. There has been such a vast array of emotions as these milestones have arrived this month; and despite my best efforts to face any emotion, I have found myself dealing with an increase in my anxiety level and have suffered from more consistent panic attacks the past few weeks.

I continue to take a low grade prescription of Clonazepam, when I absolutely feel that I need it, but my goal is to be taking only natural remedies. I found an article on with a list of natural alternatives, some I'm already taking, and others I am planning on introducing into my daily routine. I wanted to share the link with you and find out if any of you have tried some/all of them, and what your thoughts are on how effective you found certain herbs/minerals. I am also looking into acupuncture as a remedy and am curious if anyone has ever tried it, specifically for anxiety.

The three things that seem to help my anxiety during/after a difficult day are: Natural Calm (Magnesium Suppliment), Emotional Ally by Wish Garden Herbs, and SAM-e (200 mg)

Link: Natural Healing for Anxiety and Panic Disorders

To Watering Our Sprout of Hope, Meg

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  1. I used to give Molly Calms Forte for kids ~ it helped her when she was having troubles sleeping. They have an adult formula, too!