Friday, June 24, 2011

Lucky Juice (Recipe)

Yesterday's juicing experiment included the goodies in the picture above, and a little bit of luck. I have misplaced my favorite book so I decided to grab the veggies in the fridge and challenge myself to be nutritiously creative. I've been trying to use very little fruit in my juice because it is too much concentrated sugar for your body to process at once. Yes, fresh organic fruit juice is not as 'good for you' as you may think. I try to juice lots of veggies/greens and then sweeten things up a little with an apple or carrots.

I ended up with two different juices yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised with the taste test. My first juice included a stalk of celery, a parsley bunch, one cucumber, 6 carrots, and a granny smith apple (all organic). At first I combined everything with only half of the apple and decided that the celery was way too strong, so I added the other half of the apple and was much happier with the results. The next time I juice celery though I will only used half the stalk.

My second juice was a combination of 6 carrots, half a Granny Smith apple, and a beetroot. It was much sweeter that the first juice since it didn't have the celery and parsley. Beetroot is slightly sweet and very earthy tasting, so it was an interesting addition to the juice.

When all was said and done it was a fun experiment that provided enough juice to savor for the rest of the day...and just maybe the yummy cocktails will bring me a little lucky health ;o).


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