Saturday, June 18, 2011

Honey , You're Beautiful

Have you ever had one of those days when you looked in the mirror and you just thought...uuug? If you're a woman, I'm going to guess that you've probably shared in my agony of saying good morning to the mirror only to have it point out a new flaw or blemish that visited your face overnight. If you haven't, well, I would love to borrow your magic mirror :o).

A week ago my mirror greeted me with 'Morning. How do you do?', and then proceeded to point out some blemises that had chosen to visit my face. Unfortunately, they decided to make a week vacation out of the whole thing and here I am trying everything I can to convince them to vacate.

A few years back I started learning about all the gross toxins and chemicals (link) that are allowed into the beauty products, face washes, and blemish remedies that most of us Americans use every day. Since then I have steadily eliminated my use of products from the retail shelves and have opted for more natural remedies, like honey, instead.

Eating avocado, unpasteurized yogurt, coconut oil, mango, bananas, and raw honey are all great for our bodies; and they are really wonderful when they become a pampering mask for our skin. I have been blown away as I've learned about all the ways I can heal and delight my skin by using natural ingredients. Who wants toxins seeping through her skin when she can have golden honey making every pore smile?

Honey is a natural antioxidant, antibacterial, and hygroscopic. Essentially, all the hard work those busy bees put into their golden potion doesn't just taste delightful, but it also works wonders on your skin .

So, here I sit at midnight with a mask of raw honey working its little magic on my face. Even though I am sure I will still have to face days when my mirror and I have a staring contest; I know that in just a few minutes I will look into that mirror and I will say... 'Honey, you're beautiful'.

Read more about honey and how to use it as a mask at:

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