Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Raw Pad Thai Salad

This yummy pad thai salad is so easy to make. Check out the video link below to see how Ani Phyo whipped it up in no time. What I suggest with any raw meal is to have the raw recipe as the base and then add in your meat of choice. Raw (uncooked) foods give your body tons of vitamins and minerals, and then organic grass fed meat will provide you with the right kind of protein and minerals to keep your body health and strong.

I have found in my research on stress and anxiety that it is very common for our bodies to start storing fat, in our bellies and most unwanted places, as a result of the stress sending signals to our brain. We are also stripped of tons of vitamins and minerals when we experience stress. Eating a raw/clean diet can help to restore the right kind of fats, minerals, and vitamins to our body so that it can begin to heal and operate the way it is supposed to function.

This recipe includes coconut oil for the dressing, which is a great natural fat that can actually help your thyroid and help your body let go of the fat it shouldn’t be storing.

I will be adding chicken and raw organic peanuts when I make this soon!

Video Link- Raw Pad Thai Salad

Bon Appétit, Meg


  1. I have never tried eating a raw diet but I am thinking about it. I am glad I came across your post. I have recently discovered grass fed beef from La Cense Beef and I have been telling all my friends about them. La Cense Beef is an approved USDA grass fed ranch located in Montana. I order online and they deliver it to me. I have been completely satisfied every time. If you are interested you might want to checkout their website.

  2. The Watered SproutJune 11, 2011 at 6:34 AM

    Hey Kara

    Thanks for sharing the info :o). I've been doing a lot of research and I firmly believe that eating grass fed, organic, meat; as well as raw fruits and veggies, is the best way to supply our bodies with so many vitamins and minerals. Most raw foodies don't eat any meat, or at least minimal, but I like to think that it's a great idea to eat both the right way :o). Check out Weston A. Price when you get a chance. They have great info on eating the right kind of meats, unpasturized dairy, and various fats that can make our bodies healthy and fit.